The Jupiter Group Difference

The Jupiter Group operates a dual customer model that builds effective working relationships and understanding with our business clients while realizing the needs and drivers of our candidates. This allows the Jupiter Group to be a facilitator in delivering top professional talent to our clients while providing excellent career opportunities to our candidates.


Our professional network of industry contacts is a core element in the conveyance of opportunities to our candidates and professional talent and solutions to our clients. Through our relationships with thousands of industry professionals who we interact with on a continual basis, and our network of client contacts and professional talent, provides the framework for the delivery of our services.


In addition to our dual customer model and vibrant professional network, the Jupiter Group maintains an entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility which inspires the company to adapt our business services, and processes to meet the specific needs of our clients. Throughout our company’s history, we have invested with our clients in allocating resources to deliver customized services wherever needed. This level of flexibility has proved to be invaluable to satisfying the needs our valued clients.



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