The Jupiter Group has designed outsourcing services in the areas of Application Support, Application Maintenance, and Application Testing. These are SLA’s which help to reduce the burden of over taxed IT departments.

Application Support Services

Supporting customers of enterprise class technology is a challenging task due to systems that exist in complex, heterogeneous environments. It requires a high level of technical competence and often involves multiple interactions, supported by a structured problem-solving approach.

To address intricate problems arising from these complex ecosystems, the Jupiter Group offers its Application Support Services through a multi-tiered ITSM-based support model. These services provide end-to-end support for all business critical applications, ensuring uninterrupted service. The Jupiter Group's Application Support Services focus on the following key objectives:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the support operation
  • Reducing the cost of application support
  • Increasing IT responsiveness to business needs

Key features of the Jupiter Group’s Application Support Services are:

  • Functional and technical support
  • Ongoing application support at Level-2 and Level-1 as needed
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Escalation management
  • Multi-channel request (Phone, Email, Web forms) management
  • Application Support metrics and reports
  • Issue Resolution Knowledgebase

Application Maintenance Services

To meet growing business needs, many organizations are under constant pressure to optimize and extend their IT applications functionality. New features and additional performance requirements create additional demand and can be a hinderance on an IT department’s ability to deliver:

  • Increasing business value of applications
  • Reducing the cost of application maintenance
  • Increasing the responsiveness to business needs
  • Increasing the quality and reliability of their applications

The Jupiter Group effectively manages enterprise change processes that include change request, planning, implementation and verification. Our dedicated Application Management team brings together decades of experience and technical expertise to incorporate new feature upgrades and ensures that the enhanced application is rolled out with zero defects.

Key Features of the Jupiter Group’s Application Maintenance Service include:

  • Ongoing application maintenance at Level-3
    • Change request management
    • Bug fixes, minor feature changes
    • Minor enhancements
    • Patch releases
    • Periodic planned releases
    • Offsite Services
  • Joint change request management process with client
  • Application maintenance metrics and reports

The Jupiter Group’s Application Maintenance Services provide ongoing functional and application support for your application maintenance needs. We help you to maintain your applications in the most cost effective and efficient way, enabling faster software upgrades with fewer resources, reduced cyle time and lowered defect rate.

Additional benefits include:

  • Application stability
  • Short release cycle yielding a better return on investment
  • Faster availability of new features
  • Improved focus on innovations that meet new market needs
  • No client management or facilities resources needed
  • Client can focus on new development initiatives

Testing Services

Delivering software of utmost quality for managing business applications is of paramount importance for enterprise IT and product engineering groups. Highly optimized testing processes which improve quality, reliability, and a faster time to market for your applications and that optimize your quality cost is the objective. The Jupiter Group Application Testing Services offers a comprehensive set of testing services including life cycle testing, test consulting, and test automation services. The Jupiter Group’s Testing Services has a full set of mobile testing services and can provide end-to-end application testing, from mobile devices to Internet applications and enterprise applications. With years of experience and deep insight into every stage of SDLC, we not only offer end-to-end testing services with near zero defect software but also help you mitigate your business risks, improve your ROI, and adhere to industry standards and meet compliance goals.

Our Key Differentiators:

  • Provide independent testing services across multiple geographic locations and industries
  • Pool of certified career testers
  • Ability to indentify the right mix of experienced testing resources, matured processes, proprietary frameworks, methodologies, and tools (industry leading commercial and open source tools)
  • Multiple delivery models (onsite, offsite)


Leverage reusable (process and automation) assets for quick project initiation

  • Ensure ROI on software testing (highly optimized processes)
  • Faster time-to-market (process optimization, reduced cycle time for regressions)
  • Increased productivity (task automation)
  • Mitigate business risk (near zero defect outcome)
  • Optimizing IT spends

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