Understand the needs of our client

Our team of recruiters and account managers work as a team to understand our client’s business, culture, and individual requisitions. It is encouraged with the start of each of our engagements, that a conference call between our client and Jupiter Group’s account executive and recruiting teams so that an interactive exchange can take place. Our recruiters are experts in conducting technical screens and evaluating intangible skills. This ensures that our clients receive resources that are highly competent and a perfect culture match.

Attract top Talent

As a team, we identify potential candidates through direct recruiting, referrals, LinkedIn, Industry events, networking events, user groups, conferences, email and online marketing campaigns.

Through our applicant tracking system, we maintain detailed profiles on every candidate we communicate with, including our assessment of each candidate’s professional and intangible skills, references, test results, notes from client interviews and observations from our personal experience and working relationship with the candidate.

Our recruiters are more than resume sources. They are natural relationship builders and trusted career counselors. Worthy professionals refer their friends and colleagues to our team because of our competency, integrity and ability to provide excellent career opportunities that match their individual criteria.

How do we screen potential candidates?

Since our recruiting team is divided into specialized teams, we are able to screen candidates more effectively that our competitors.

We structure our company this way so that our recruiters can stay focused in a niche discipline and they can build strong relationships with the best candidates within their area of expertise over multiple years. We have developed custom screening questions within each specialty area based on input from clients and our most experienced consultants. Our team has expertise in separating the top-tier performers from the mediocre resources.

Additionally, great people refer other great people. Since we attract the majority of our candidates through referrals and networking, we have a competitive advantage over staffing firms who rely solely on internet job sites to source candidates.

Hiring the best

What makes the Jupiter Group a valued business partner to our clients, and one of our key differentiators is that we continually draft a recruiting team of the top recruiters in the business, who fit our relationship based model of individuals that are the most capable and prolific at establishing and cultivating the top talent in the market place. Each individual is hand picked according to their proven capabilities to deliver results in the industry. This includes the ability to develop strong relationships and networking lines. In addition to capable recruiting talent, the Jupiter Group’s training process contains:

  • Full Recruiting Process Fundamentals
  • Proactive Sourcing Model
  • Networking and Relationship Building
  • Behavioral and Personality Analysis
  • Advanced Sourcing Methods

Our Recruiting team members are also experts in working to understand career goals, and offer professional advice to the thousands of professionals they work with on a continual basis.

The Jupiter Group continually works to draft a recruiting team of some of the industries top recruiters, who fit our relationship based model of individuals who are motivated in the establishment and cultivation of the industries top talent.

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